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NOVATEC, Inc. is the largest U.S. based manufacturer of resin dryers for the plastics industry.  Their association with MAGUIRE Products broadens their business group to offer the largest line of manufactured plastics auxiliary equipment in North America. They combine Plastics Drying, Plastics Conveying and Plastics Blending with Downstream Extrusion Products to design and install complete Central Plastics Drying and Conveying Systems

They welcome visitors regularly to their state-of-the-art Drying Technology Center where they test plastics dryer performance against any other dryer type using customer specific resin samples.  With a recently expanded line of offline moisture analyzers, they are able to provide offline drying system comparisons to determine best options for resin drying analysis.  Only by comparing plastics drying capability and energy efficiency can an informed decision be made about which plastics dryer is best for your application.  Your presence is encouraged during testing to see any results first hand.

To compliment their energy-efficient plastics dryers, they provide a complete line of pneumatic plastics conveying accessories, a full family of conveying system controls and a line of downstream extrusion equipment. The NOVATEC line of plastics auxiliary machinery is designed to meet the many challenging and changing needs of plastics processors, whether large or small.